Hide the Spotting….

If you are placing our LED Flexible strip in the line of sight but don’t want to see the individual LEDs, the perfect solution to hide them is our Perspex Trunking. This diffuses the light so no individual LED’s are seen. It comes in super long lengths of 2.5M so you can cut to size. The pictures from The Stand People Ltd show just how well it works with our Red LED Flexible Strip.

LED Mains Tape for Light boxes

We have a whole range of lights to illuminate your light boxes in our range. These are pictures sent it from New Dimension Ltd, showing how well our LED Mains Flexible Strip Light works. The one big advantage when using Mains Strip Light is NO Power Supplies to run in. (Which is always a bonus!). You can power up to 50M of Mains strip from one power cable. Therefore no voltage drop out experienced at all.

Product of the Month March

Our S Type Flexible strip light is perfect for those hard to illuminate shapes. The PCB is cut in the shape of an S (hence the name) so allows even more flexibility. This comes as standard 3528 chips, 60 LED’s per meter, 4.8W Per meter and we have a range of colours. Call us on 0121 685 6414 for further information.

RGBW Flexible Tape

This is our fabulous RGBW flexible strip light. This is a 5050 tri colour chip, so all the chips change colour at the same time. You are able to specify a pure white as well as all the colours of the rainbow. Control of the strip is by RF remote control which offers various effects as well as true block colours. The hand held unit can control up to 4 zones which can be set independently of each other, each zone can have multiple strips with their own control module. The strip can be specified at 60/72 or 96 LED per metre and can be cut to a specific size. Standard reel size is 50M. It works off 24V and we have a range of power supplies compatible with the strips. For further information please call one of our friendly sales experts on 0121 685 6414.

Focus on Side Lighting LED Modules

A great light box to showcase our LED Side lighting modules. The large box was approx 2m x 1.4m and edge lit with 12 of our 495mm 15W Modules. As you can see no dark spots at all and a nice even bright light throughout. The smaller light boxes were 1m x 1m. They also featured our LED 5050 flexible strip lights in blue to highlight the end companies corporate colours. Pictures courtesy of Interlink Design & Display Ltd.

Pop Up Gallery in Greenwich

Another fabulous installation showcasing  our tracklights.  This time in White.  This was Danger Tree Pop Up Gallery in Greenwich earlier this year.  The installation was completed by Handy Fellows.   It shows the versatility of the lights and how you can configure them on the track to get maximum impact and illumination. castle-track-lights